Skewered seafood using cuttlefish and the adductor muscle of scallop(Haemul-Kkochi)









Basically, This food is a parboiling seafoods in boiling water.

Korea’s Title is a “Haemul(seafood)-Kkochi(skewer).
A basic ingredient

Skewer source : Cuttlefish : 10 / Adductor muscle of scallop : 10 / Green pepper : 1 / Yellow paprica : 1 / Orange paprica : 1 / Skewer : 10

Vegetable Water: Water : 5 cup / Onion : 1/2 / Green onion : 2 / Napa cabbage : 1piece / Kelp : 1piece






  • [ C O O K I N G ]

1. To make the vegetable water

1. When the water is boiling furiously, add onion, green onion, napa cabbage and kelp and reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes.

2. Set 1 cup hot Vegetable Water aside.



2. Trimming of cuttlefish and adductor muscle of scallop




1. With a knife, poke a latticework in the top of each cuttlefish.

2. Cut the adductor muscle of scallop in half crossways.

3. With a knife, poke a latticework in the top of each adductor muscle of scallop.


3. Making special soy sauce for boiling seafood down in sauce

vagetable water : 1 cup / soy sauce : 1/3 cup / honey : 1 t / rice wine : 1 t / sesame oil : 2t



In a measuring cup, mix together the vagetable water, honey, soy sauce, rice wine, and sesame oil.


4. Seafood and Vegetable Cooking Method



1. Parboil seafoods in boiling water for 1~2 minutes and remove the seafood from the broth.

2. In a shallow pan, brown some pieces of boiled seafood in soy sauce on medium heat and set it aside.

3. stir-fry vegetables and added a pinch of salt to make it taste better.


5. Design the skewers

Slide pieces of each of the cooked seafood and vegetables onto the skewers.








6. Serving food on the plate



















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