Korean Traditional Royal Court Rice Pasta; Gungjung tteokbokki











Korean people could enjoy many different kinds of tteokbokki such as spicy sauce of red pepper paste tteokbokki and honey sauce tteokbokki.  But  evidently, our forefathers didn’t enjoy spicy sauce tteokbokki at royal court.  This recipe is old traditional way of Korean royal cuisine.

[A basic ingredient]

Main ingredients : A stick of rounded rice cake(Garaetteok)  14oz, Shiitake mushroom  5ea, Beef 8oz(Prime ribs or Sirloin),  English Cucumbers  2ea, Carrot  2ea, Onion  1/2ea

Seasoning ingredients : Soy sauce  3 1/2T,  Sugar 1 1/2t,  Sesame oil  2T,  Black pepper  2t, Garlic 5ea, Rice wine  1T

* If a stick of rounded rice cake had congealed, Put in boiling water until smooth.





[ C O O K I N G ]

Cooking each type separately to keep flavors distinct.

1. Cut rice cake in lengths of 2 inch each and quarter the rice cake.  Toss rice cakes cut into slices, soy sauce 1/2T and sesame oil 1T in a bowl.




2. Toss beef cut into slices, soy sauce 1 1/2T, Sugar 1T, Minced garlic 1/2T, Black pepper 1t and rice wine 1T in a bowl.     Toss shiitake  cut into slices, soy sauce 1 1/2T, Sugar 1T, Minced garlic 1/2T Black pepper 1t and rice wine 1T in a bow



3. Prepared the seasoning ingredients before the cooking.  Cut vegetables in lengths of 2 inch each such rice cakes.



4. Stir-fly all ingredients together in order listed : Beef>Carrot>Onion>English Cucumbers>Shiitake mushroom>rice cake.  You can change the seasonings as you like, if you add a pinch of salt and sesame oil.







[ Serving Food on The Plate ] 


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