New Idea Food : Fried Japchae Roll using laver


This is an application food of Korean popular noodle dish-“Japchae”.   By doing this, It doesn’t matter what part of the world you’re from, it doesn’t matter what part generation you belong to, you will enjoy really comfortable with this food at party.






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[A basic ingredient]   Japchae(Korean noodle dish) 5 oz,  Frying Mix  2 cup,  Egg 2 ea,   Baking soda   1t,  Dried laver 10 ea,  Water 1 cup,  Frying oil(corn oil)


[ C O O K I N G ]

1. Making roll with laver




2.Making dough      Add two eggs and salt to Frying Mix, stir well.  And add the water, little by little, until totally incorporated.  If dough is sticky such as picture, do not add water.

3. To fry roll in oil      Coat the roll with dough and drain off oil on paper.





[ Serving Food on The Plate ]

You will be able to enjoy itself with  various sauces.

Add more hot sauce if a spicier taste is desired.

You can enjoy rolled laver itself, If you don’t like fried foods.


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