Korean Traditional chicken soup ( Younggye-baeksuk )


A chicken boiled with rice ( Younggye-baeksuk )

When cooking this soup, It is not add salt or other sauce. It is important to brew chicken soup in hot water.   Add salt and black pepper as you like when you eat this soup.   There are many delicious Korean chicken foods such as Samgyetang.   Generally,One major difference between Samgyetang and Backsuk is chicken’s size and using ginseng or not.   Samgyetang used young chicken and add ginseng.   We could not buy ginseng at America’s market.   and Samgyetang used rice in chicken and Backsuk didn’t use rice.   but I used rice in Backsuk, however, it won’t be an issue


[A basic ingredient]  1~1.2 lb pullet cub , 5 Jujube , 5 Chestnut, 5 ginkgo nut , 5 garlic , 2~3 of Milk Vetch root , 2 sliced ginger,  3/4 cup of soak sticky rice in water for 2 hours







[ C O O K I N G ]

1. Packed soak sticky rice in chicken     2. Packed 2~3 jujube, 1~2 chestnut, 2~3 ginkgo nut and 3~4 garlic in chicken     3. Fixity of the leg cross each other through its X-shaped     4. Fill a pot half full of water adding 2~3 Jujube, 2~3 garlic, 2~3 chesnut, 2 sliced ginger and Milk Vetch root     5. Cover and heat to boiling adding 5 cup and reduce heat to medium and cook for 40 minutes  or until meat is tender     6. If you put 1~2 ginseng into your recipe, this soup tastes a lot better.

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