Korean Food ; Kimchi using Green onion


  Korean Food, Pa-Kimchi / Green Onion Kimchi  

[A basic ingredient]   

2.2 lb Green onion , 2.2 lb Radish , 1 cup Dried red pepper powder , 2.3 oz Garlic, 2T Sesame , 2 cup Sauced anchovy, 1T Sugar ,  3T Salt , 2 T Glutinous rice flour







1- Pickle in salt                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              1) Sprinkle with 1T salt at white part of green onion only and let stand for 10 min.




2) Slice the radishes and sprinkle it with 2T salt;                                                                                                                 leave to stand for half an hour, then rinse and squeeze water from the radishes.

2- Making Kimchi’s sauce

1) First, cook glutinous rice porridge with 2 T Glutinous rice flour adding 2 cup water.                                                                                          2) Add 1 cup dried red pepper powder , 2.3 oz crushed garlic, 2T sesame , 2 cup sauced anchovy, 1T sugar base on glutinous rice porridge and mix well. ** This sauce is spicy, biting and a little sweet. **



3. Mixing Kimchi’s sauce 

1) First toss the radish with a dried red pepper powder so they can absorb lots of red color, then stir                                       with the Kimchi’s sauce to coat.




2)  Coat the green onion with Kimchi sauce evenly.




* Now, need to put the sauced green onion and radish in airtight containers and keep them refrigerated.

4- Additional Tip

 * Storage know-how, designed to make the food look more palatable …. Make a knot shape one by one no             larger than 2″ in length.

* Pile up green onion and radish by turns.


[ Serving Food on The Plate ]


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