The Korean royal court cuisine ; Tangpyeongchae

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Tangpyeongchae is a Korean dish that was part of the Korean royal court cuisine.
Around two hundred years ago, King Yeongjo of the Joseon dynasty was concerned about severe conflicts between political parties.
Therefore, he tried to resolve the strife between major four parties by frequently holding feasts to make the mood friendly.
At the the feast, the king presented tangpyeongchae before the government officers and other politicians, and then said, “This dish is four different ingredients that have four distinguishable colors and flavors. But they are harmonized so well that they taste beautiful together.”
The Tangpyeongchae literally means the taste of harmony.

Korean Mung Bean Jelly Mixed with Vegetables and Beef;Tangpyeongchae


[A basic ingredient]

1 pack Green-lentil jello(Cheongpomuk) , 4 oz Beef , 1 Green onion , 1/2 Cucumber(or Watercress) , 2 Bell pepper , 1 Roasted laver , 2 Garlic , 2t Sesame , 2 1/3T Sesame oil , 3t Vinegar, 1T Sugar , 3t Soy sauce , 1 1/3T Salt 


1- Seasoning the meat : 1) Cut meat into 2-inch cubes.  2) Add 1t Chopped green onion, 1 1/2t Minced garlic,                     2t Sesame, 1t Sesame oil, 1 1/2t Sugar and 3t Soy sauce.  3) Stir-fry until meats are done.                                              4) Cool the meat to prevent the change of color.




2- Seasoning the vegetables :   1) Cut each vegetables into 2-inch cubes.  2) Make a sweet-and-sour                                 Vinegar season adding 1/2t Salt, 1/2t Sugar and 1t Vinegar per each vegetables.                                                              3) Pour dressing over each vegetables. 




3- Seasoning the Green-lentil jello : 1) Cut Green-lentil jello into 2-inch long and Slice pencil thin.                                      2) Add 2T  Sesame oil and 1t Salt and mix well.




4- Mixing ingredients : Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and Serve with shredded roast laver to garnish.




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