Bossam ; Korean Popular Boiled Pork Dish


Bossam ; boiled pork eaten with a salty sauce and wrapped in greens

Preparing pork belly, napa cabbage, ginger,white radish,garlic,leeks, green onion,onion, rice wine,soybean paste, black pepper,bay leaves,dried red pepper powder, soy sauce, sesame and sugar




Boiling Pork belly : pork belly(2LB),rice wine(2T), black pepper(1t), bay leaves(10ea),soy sauce(2T), garlic(7~8ea), ginger(0.5oz), soybean paste(3T),water(10T)

1) Add onion, rice wine, soybean paste, black pepper, soy sauce, and bay leaves,  bring water to boil                               2) then add the pork belly, cover pan                                                                                                                             3) and Reduce heat to medium and cook for one hour or until meat is tender.

Making spicy salad : white radish(1/2ea),green onion(2ea), leeks(0.5oz), dried red pepper powder(2T),sugar(2t),  sesame(1t) ,crushed garlic(1/2T), crushed  ginger(1t), salted fish liquid(2T or salt 1/2T)

1) thinly slice the radishes
2) chop green onion and leeks into small pieces
3) In large bowl, combine radishes, green onion, leeks, crushed garlic, dried red pepper powder, soy sauce, sesame and sugar.

Soaking cabbage in brine :

1) Sprinkling salt on napa cabbage.                                                                                                                               2) Soak the napa cabbage in salted water(coarse salt1/4cup/water2cup) for 4~5 hours                                                     3) wash salted napa cabbage in the running water                                                                                                         4) Then drain thoroughly in sifter.

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