Age pickled stems of garlic in Red Pepper Paste


Korean preserving food : Age pickled stems of garlic in Red Pepper Paste(Gochujang Manuljjong Jjang-a-jji)


Ingredient : Stem of garlic(300g), Red Pepper Paste(Gochujang,1/2 cup) , Starch syrup (1/2 cup)KpopCooking-GJ_0068


1. Rinse the Stem of garlic, pat dry and cut into size 2 inch using knife.KpopCooking-MJ_0088

2. Add the remaining ingredients(Red Pepper Paste and starch syrup) and toss to combine.KpopCooking-GJ_0126 KpopCooking-GJ_0142

3. Store in a jar in a cool place (Refrigerator).

4. This tastes best if you let it age for a month.KpopCooking-GJ_0214


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