One-Dish of Korean Tradition

One- Dishes of Korean Tradition for Wedding or Thanks food

Dishes prepared with the specials is offered to bride and groom’s parents as a way of thanking them at the wedding in Korea. Five colors that symbolizes the five point of the compass have traditionally special meaning in Korean ceremony dishes. It may be summarized as follows;  The east is Blue, The west is White, The south is Red, The north is Black, The center is yellow.  So, we used five colors decoration on traditional food.

 Tina’s Korean Traditional Dish of  Abalone-Jeonbokcho

Tina’s Five Color Steamed Fish Fillets-Osaekeojjim

Tina’s Traditional Five Color Dish of Steamed Bream-Domijjim

Tina’s Five Color Steamed Clam-Oseakdaehapjjim

Tina’s Korean Traditional Dish of Adductor Muscle of Scallop-Paejucho

Tina’s Korean Traditional Skewered Dish using Beef and Greens-Hwayangnurmi