Hi folks, This is Tina Kim from Korea. I am musician and researcher of authentic Korean Royal Cuisine. I have interested in authentic recipes of Royal Cuisine more than 10 years in Korea…one of the things is a simple and sleek authentic Korean Royal Cuisine of modern design that is great for both everyday use, entertaining guests and home party. When I have my first taste of Korean foods in the U.S., the feeling is unfamiliar to me. So, in order to find correct ingredients to the authentic Korean Royal Cuisine, I had visited many Korean and American markets almost for two years.(For example, what’s that best cucumber to authentic Korean Royal Cuisine among these various cucumbers?) And now, I am proud to introduce my recipe to you. My foods that I make are part of a culture, both in a taste and look. I hope that a lot of people share my recipes and enjoy it. If you want a special and exotic home party, Please consider preparing an Authentic Korean Royal Cuisine of modernized design at least once before your decision. That way, among the prepared foods in your party, this exotic dish will be a real presence at the your party. And then, your home party will be a more fantastic event. I guarantee it.

이화여대 음악대학 졸업(EWHA Womans University in Korea, majoring in music)

한국전통음식연구소(Institute of Traditional Korean Food  in Korea) ; 폐백.이바지(일반/중급/고급)과정, 폐백.이바지 전문가 과정, 떡.한과(일반/중급/고급)과정, 떡.한과 전문가 과정, 전통음식 과정, 김치 과정, 보양죽 과정, 차와 음청류 과정, 전통 민속주 일반과정; 수료


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