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  • Bossam ; Korean Popular Boiled Pork Dish

    Submitted by Tina on Thu, 22/11/2012 - 12:16

    Bossam ; boiled pork eaten with a salty sauce and wrapped in greens Preparing pork belly, napa cabbage, ginger,white radish,garlic,leeks, green onion,onion, rice wine,soybean paste, black pepper,bay leaves,dried red pepper powder, soy sauce, sesame and sugar       Boiling Pork belly : pork belly(2LB),rice wine(2T), black pepper(1t), bay leaves(10ea),soy sauce(2T), garlic(7~8ea), ginger(0.5oz), soybean paste(3T),water(10T) […]

  • Korean Traditional food, Bindaetteok, It’s a kind of pancakes using mung-bean.

    Submitted by Tina on Sun, 26/08/2012 - 3:05
    Po-Thumb-mung beans-01

    Mung-bean pancake is a traditional Korean dish served on special holidays.     [A basic ingredient] Main ingredients : Peeled Mung-Bean  2C, Mung Bean Sprouts  8oz, Pork 4oz,  Kimchi  4oz, Green Onion  4oz Seasoning ingredients : Soy sauce  1t,  Sugar 1 1/2t,  Sesame oil  1T,  Black pepper  1t, Chopped green onion  2t, Roasted sesame-seeds  1t, Salt 1t   [ C […]

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