Korean Traditional food, Bindaetteok, It’s a kind of pancakes using mung-bean.

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Mung-bean pancake is a traditional Korean dish served on special holidays.



[A basic ingredient]

Main ingredients : Peeled Mung-Bean  2C, Mung Bean Sprouts  8oz, Pork 4oz,  Kimchi  4oz, Green Onion  4oz

Seasoning ingredients : Soy sauce  1t,  Sugar 1 1/2t,  Sesame oil  1T,  Black pepper  1t, Chopped green onion  2t, Roasted sesame-seeds  1t, Salt 1t


[ C O O K I N G ]

1. Making a mung-bean base

Soak peeled mung-beans(2C) in cold water to cover for 3 hours and whirl the mung-beans(2C) in the blender with water 1C.

Add salt(1t) and cutted mung-bean sprouts(8oz) in mung-bean base, stirring to combine.




2. Making garnish

Toss kimchi cut into slices, sesame oil 1/2T, sugar 1t and Roasted sesame-seeds 1t in a bowl.




Toss pork cut into slices, soy sauce 1t, sesame oil 1/2T, chopped green onion 1t, sugar 1/2t and black pepper 1t in a bowl.





3. making pancakes

Round shapes of the mung-bean base on the pan are fried and topped with pork, Kimchi and a green onions on top.







[ Serving food on the plate]


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